Monday, January 28, 2013

Malaysian Cocoaland Lot 100 Strawberry Gummy

Right when I started writing this sweets blog, I taste-tested the Cocoaland Lot 100 Mango Gummy (read review here) and was disappointed by the mango flavoring. I've never received so much reader dissent as in the comments section of that review- there are a lot of die-hard fans of the Cocoaland Lot 100 Mango Gummy. After tasting the Cocoaland Lot 100 Strawberry Gummy, though, I finally understand the appeal and massive fan-base of this gummy line. The strawberry gummy was the perfect consistency- firmer than your average gummy bear but not a difficult chew. More important, the strawberry flavoring tasted real and substantive. I loved it. Next time I'm at Aji Ichiban on Mott Street, I'll definitely pick up more of these.

Score: 4

1 comment:

  1. I found these gummies in a grocery store near my house and I love them!(I live in Quebec, Canada) I tried all the flavors and my favorites are Strawberry and Mango, although Green Apple isn't half bad! I even decided to go back the same day to buy more!