Monday, January 7, 2013

Andy Warhol Special Edition Chocolate Bars at the Metropolitan Museum

In honor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibition, Regarding Warhol: 60 Artists, 50 Years, the museum, along with the Andy Warhol Foundation, released a series of four chocolate bars celebrating the esteemed artist. A life-long chocolate lover and an artist who understood connections between art and commerce, these seem pretty appropriate under the circumstances. I love the packaging. Each cardboard wrapper displays a Warhol quote and fantastic graphics. Inside, each bar is wrapped in a paper wrapper that notes the percentage of cocoa in the bar. Unfortunately, despite the great tie-in and packaging, the chocolate was not really delicious. It erred toward the waxy and bland side. Not the worst chocolate I've ever had, but what I realize is that you're paying almost entirely for the packaging here. The chocolate is the one element that wasn't really thoroughly researched and designed. The Praim Group is mentioned in small letters as the distributors of the bars. Taste, disappointing. Packaging, thrilling. All museums should start introducing candy tie-ins to their shows! This is an excellent and inspiring starting point!

Score (packaging): 5
Score (taste): 2

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  1. I concur. The milk chocolate was uninspired. I adore the packaging!