Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lotte No Time Gum

My friends Matt and Dan went to Japan and brought back this Lotte No Time gum for me. The packaging alone is brilliant. I love the graphics, the idea that there isn't even time to make a space between the words "no" and "time". Then, to illustrate the point to any of us who don't read Japanese, there is the logo of a toothbrush at the top of the packaging. Only because of this does the gum really make sense. The 7 "gum chunks" come individually wrapped and are larger than your average piece of gum (I like that a lot). Each gum chunk is a very light pastel green, almost white but with a sickly greenish hue to it- it does remind me of toothpaste visually and the taste is a super light mint that refreshes your mouth but isn't so strong in flavor. It does leave one's mouth feeling more refreshed than your average gum chewing experience. It's not the most fun flavor ever- but there are plenty of those brands out there with wild flavors. This is a practical and pleasant candy all in one. I love it and would buy tons if it were sold locally. Have any readers found No Time Gum for sale in the United States? Please let me know! Thanks, Matt and Dan!

Score (packaging): 5
Score (practicality): 5
Score (flavor): 3

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revisiting Peanut Butter Space Food Sticks

This past December I wrote a mopey entry about the disappearance of Space Food Sticks (while happily munching on one that I had procured at the Franklin Institute Science Museum gift shop- CLICK HERE to read original entry). Then a box of 12 (Twelve!) Peanut Butter Space Food Sticks arrived at my door as if by magic. Turns out my friend Blake had done some research and discovered that they are for sale online at In 2006, Funky Food Shop licensed the rights to Space Food Sticks, determined to keep the candy in production for its fans. Funky Food Shop also hosts the website for the Space Food Stick Preservation Society, with all kinds of goodies such as early Space Food Sticks advertisements as well as a good history of the candy. Thanks, Blake!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Malaysian Cocoaland Lot 100 Strawberry Gummy

Right when I started writing this sweets blog, I taste-tested the Cocoaland Lot 100 Mango Gummy (read review here) and was disappointed by the mango flavoring. I've never received so much reader dissent as in the comments section of that review- there are a lot of die-hard fans of the Cocoaland Lot 100 Mango Gummy. After tasting the Cocoaland Lot 100 Strawberry Gummy, though, I finally understand the appeal and massive fan-base of this gummy line. The strawberry gummy was the perfect consistency- firmer than your average gummy bear but not a difficult chew. More important, the strawberry flavoring tasted real and substantive. I loved it. Next time I'm at Aji Ichiban on Mott Street, I'll definitely pick up more of these.

Score: 4

Vantine's Day Candy: Peeps Milk Chocolate Covered Raspberry Flavored Marshmallow Heart

These Peeps Milk Chocolate covered Raspberry Flavored Marshmallow Hearts are surprisingly delightful! As mentioned in a previous post, the Stawberry Creme flavored Peeps Hearts were a major disappointment and I expected the Raspberry to maintain the same level of artificial berry flavor. But no! This raspberry is far more mellow and blends with the actual flavor of the marshmallow far more thoroughly. In addition, the exterior chocolate layer blends really naturally with the marshmallow and the 2 to 3 bite chocolate covered marshmallow constitutes such an ideal treat. One variation that might also be good: a Peeps marshmallow covered with the classic sugar layer and then covered in chocolate. The sugar would add a really satisfying crunch.

Score: 4

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nostalgia Moment: Stallion Candy Cigarettes

I know it's not politically correct to get too excited about candy cigarettes and I understand the problem with selling these to kids. That said, I can't help but feel delighted to reunite with these favorites from childhood. The candy was never anything to speak of- an unflavored sugar stick- but they were always so much fun to play with and case graphics were always beautiful. Thanks for finding these, Will!

Valentine's Day Sweets: Peeps Stawberry Creme flavored Marshmallow Hearts

Love the concept. These Peeps Strawberry Creme Marshmallow Hearts are so vibrant and festive- a bit smaller than the classic edition but I've also only been able to find them in packages of 9. I just don't like the flavor of the strawberry creme, though. It tastes really artificial, so that you taste that layer of marshmallow flavor but it never blends with the cloying chemically strawberry. There are better flavors to consume. Like the raspberry (that review forthcoming).

Score: 2

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Day Classic: Peeps Pink Marshmallow Hearts

I can't believe we've already reached the Valentine's Day Holiday Candy Season. Late, even. How better to welcome in this candy-heavy holiday with a classic: Peeps pink marshmallow hearts. They're beautiful, simple, and tasty. You can count on it every year. I love that Peeps is continues to branch out in flavors, shapes, and chocolate layering, but I also count on the continuity of the classic lines.

Score: 4

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bubble Gum and Candy Scents: Perfumes that make you smell like Sweets!

I read an article on today's xojane blog reviewing perfumes that make one smell of bubble gum or candy. I'd love to try them all. If anyone knows of other candy-scented perfumes, please write into the comments section to share! CLICK HERE to read "How to Smell Like Candy" on xojane....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mango Creme Girl Scout Cookies with Nutrifusion: A Visual

both images courtesy of the girl scout cookie website

Yesterday, I (warily) announced the introduction of the Mango Creme with Nutrifusion to the esteemed Girl Scout Cookie line. Although I haven't yet read of any reviews of the cookie, more information is beginning to leak. Here's the look of the new cookie. What do you think? I do like the ornate embellishments upon the outer sandwich cookies. But that Nutrifusion with the vitamins....?

To read more details on the cookie directly from the Girl Scouts of America, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Preview: Cherry Flavored Marshmallow Peeps Dipped and Drizzled in Chocolate

photo courtesy of peeps

In honor of Valentine's Day, Peeps will be releasing a new flavor and shape of marshmallow treat! Cherry shaped and cherry flavored, these marshmallows will be both dipped in and drizzled with chocolate. I like that Peeps keeps trying new flavors: mint; candy cane; strawberry; chocolate mousse. It's hit or miss with the flavors, but the hits outweigh the misses and I respect Peeps' continuing innovation. I can't wait to find these in my local drugstore. If anyone else happens upon them, please write in with a review!

(If you'd like to read any of my past 17 Peeps posts, click HERE)

Introducing the newest member of the Girl Scout Cookie Family: Mango Cream Cookies with Nutrifusion

The announcement of a new addition to the esteemed lineup of Girl Scout Cookies is always reason to celebrate. Today's Huffington Post describes the (yet untasted) new Girl Scout Cookie, the Mango Creme. The cookie is constructed like an Oreo- two coconut cookies sandwich a layer of mango creme. I'm already wary because artificial mango can be dreadful. That said, Girl Scouts do tend to create unexpected deliciousness. My wariness is primarily based on a new form of fat utilized in the cookie called Nutrifusion. Healthier than palm oil and other saturated fats used to create our beloved Thin Mints and Samoas, the Nutrifusion adds vitamins to your cookie! Are Girl Scout Cookies really the place to ingest vitamins? I think not. That said, I am aching to get my hands on one of these for a taste-test. If any readers do get a preview sample, please write in with your review!
To read more on the Huffington Post, click HERE.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 90th Birthday, Butterfinger!

I heard on NPR news that 2013 marks the 90th year of the Butterfinger Bar. Astounding! (And it looks so young!) Technically, this may only be Butterfinger's 85th birthday. Nestle, however, has decided to count the date since the first roll-out of the candy bar, not the date of the patent five years later. And rightly so. To read more about the history of the Butterfinger and its 90th birthday, see the transcripts from NPR News here (click link to

Monday, January 7, 2013

Andy Warhol Special Edition Chocolate Bars at the Metropolitan Museum

In honor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibition, Regarding Warhol: 60 Artists, 50 Years, the museum, along with the Andy Warhol Foundation, released a series of four chocolate bars celebrating the esteemed artist. A life-long chocolate lover and an artist who understood connections between art and commerce, these seem pretty appropriate under the circumstances. I love the packaging. Each cardboard wrapper displays a Warhol quote and fantastic graphics. Inside, each bar is wrapped in a paper wrapper that notes the percentage of cocoa in the bar. Unfortunately, despite the great tie-in and packaging, the chocolate was not really delicious. It erred toward the waxy and bland side. Not the worst chocolate I've ever had, but what I realize is that you're paying almost entirely for the packaging here. The chocolate is the one element that wasn't really thoroughly researched and designed. The Praim Group is mentioned in small letters as the distributors of the bars. Taste, disappointing. Packaging, thrilling. All museums should start introducing candy tie-ins to their shows! This is an excellent and inspiring starting point!

Score (packaging): 5
Score (taste): 2