Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Space Food Sticks: Out of This World Energy Sticks

These Space Food Sticks were a really big deal when I was a kid. In fact, I remember going to store after store with my mother in search of Space Food Sticks and Dehydrated Space Ice Cream as favors for an early birthday party. For a child, the idea of eating reconstituted food that astronauts consume in space is thrilling, even if it's not quite as delicious as a Hershey's chocolate bar or other drugstore candy aisle fare. Now that energy bars have pervaded the marketplace, Space Food Sticks don't feel quite as unique. Basically, the peanut butter flavor has the same taste and consistency as a peanut butter Met-RX bar. I love those Met-RX bars. It's a dense log that first chews like taffy and then crumbles in the mouth. It certainly tastes artificial but it's a good artificial peanut butter. Granted, it feels more exciting if you're eating something that might fuel you on the moon. But the basic eating experience is the same as the dense protein-packed energy bars. I'm glad these Space Food Sticks still exist, even if they are harder to locate. It might inspire a new generation of future astronauts. I procured this Space Stick at the store of the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia. If any other readers find these for sale, please write in and let us know where to look!

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