Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Wrap-Up: A Traditional Peppermint Pig

photo of peppermint pigs by saratoga sweets courtesy of the AP via gothamist

Until this morning I lived in a world of oblivion, unaware of the century-old Christmas tradition of passing a peppermint pig candy around the table and chipping off pieces with a hammer. This is entirely new to me, somewhat disturbing, but I want to try it! Today's Gothamist blog not only explains the tradition but includes a video tutorial so that you can create your very own Peppermint Pig candy for next Christmas' festivities- an activity the whole family can join in! Click here to read article....

After reading this blog entry, my astute mother also sent along a link to Saratoga Sweets where you can not only buy the Peppermint Pigs but Peppermint Pig Poop, as well! Oh my! (Click here to order)

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  1. Sorry, but hammers and peppermint pigs = a gazillion ants in the aftermath. This is fun?