Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Wrap-Up: Milk Chocolate Covered Mint Peeps

During the 12 Days of Christmas Candy I gave a rave review to the Peppermint Peeps dipped in Dark Chocolate. They really are my new favorite Peeps (read review here). These Milk Chocolate covered Mint Peeps in Christmas Tree form were not quite as delicious. The milk chocolate doesn't mix with mint flavor as well as the dark chocolate does. Also, this glaringly green mint infused marshmallow doesn't have the same sparkling pizzazz as the peppermint Peeps- the flavor just falls a little flat. They're not bad, and I'd certainly eat another. I also really like that Peeps is branching out their flavor profiles. So these are worth trying, but only after you test-taste the Peppermint ones dipped in dark chocolate.

Score: 3

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