Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Candy, Day 8: Palmer Caramel filled Tree

Palmer Caramel filled Christmas Trees are so festive. They are sold individually wrapped, and unlike many of the foil-wrapped holiday candies, they don't get all mushed and cracked in transit. You unwrap the tree and it is whole- which seems silly to mention, but at the same time, something must be done about these individually wrapped holiday candies that are so easily crushed. The caramel filling is perfect. I love Palmer's caramel. Very buttery, thick, and instantly liquifies in your mouth. I don't prefer Palmer's chocolate, however. Perhaps in order to keep the candy from being crushable, the chocolate takes up a much larger ratio of the candy than the caramel filling. I tend to like caramel bursting out of a thin chocolate shell. Overall, though, these are very tasty, not to mention fun for the holiday. I'd certainly eat another before the season ends....

Score: 3

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