Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Polish Chocolate Bar: E. Wedel Pawetek Mleczny Smietanka

Oh my, this Pawetek Mleczny Smietanka chocolate bar from Polish candy company, E. Wedel, is not my cup of tea at all. The description on the packaging describes the bar as "chocolate with creamy flavoured filling (contains alcohol)." The milk chocolate was quite sweet but good. The creamy liquor filling, though, tasted really sour- like condensed (extra) sour cream with the after-burn of booze.  If there are any readers who could translate the name of the candy bar, I'd be very grateful!

Score: 1


  1. YUK! Where did you find this? I wonder if there are a lot of woozy kids consuming this candy bar?

  2. Śmietanka is indeed heavy sour cream (like the Russian smetana). :)

    1. Actually "smietanka" = cream (as for coffee cream) is a diminutive of "smietana" = sour cream as you refer to. Looking at the provided picture this bar looks more than a year old - no chocolate product tastes good after such time.

  3. Sour Cream makes good sense! Thanks for the translation help!! I don't think the bar was old, exactly, but I do think it had gone through some heat somewhere during transport, which definitely didn't help...I'd love to try a fresh one... - obsessivesweets

  4. This bar, or polish 'button', is also mde with dark chocolate and a advocat filling, they are great!