Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paskesz Milk Munch Kosher Candy Bar

Paskesz creates Kosher versions of popular candy bars in the mass market. I previously reviewed their Smirk Bar, the Kosher Snicker's. [Read review here]. It was good. Not quite as good as an original Snicker's but a strong contender. I find the same for the Milk Munch bar, the Kosher Milky Way. There are only tiny differences, and the bar is generally good, but it never quite transcends the heights of the Milky Way. The chocolate surrounding the Milk Munch is delicious- very milky, probably in a higher ratio of chocolate to filling than in the Milky Way. The caramel is a bit harder than a Milky Way and less buttery. Unlike that spongy light nougat filling in a Milky Way, this nougat is more dense- it's flavor is good but it drags down the bar. Overall, worth a taste.

Score: 3

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