Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hostess Woes; and The Bagel Store Honors the Twinkie

We've been watching Hostess' woes unfold over the past few weeks, and this week marked the last days of the old titan. However, it looks like all of the major Hostess product lines, like the much-loved Twinkie, Ho Ho, and Funny Bones, will be snapped right up. There has been enthusiastic interest from over 100 companies already. Despite the reassuring fact that the Twinkie will be saved, the ending balance between Hostess workers and a few top senior executives seems like a sad note for the company to end on. The Bagel Store (754 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn) is offering a fantastic homage to Twinkie with the Limited Edition Twinkie Bagel and Twinkie Cream Cheese. They're always innovating over there! (Click here to see their Candy Corn bagel)

Click here to read from Gothamist: What Twinkie Woe? Hostess Execs to get $1.9 Million in Bonuses.

Click here to read from the New York Times: Brand Value Could Entice a Corporate Buyer.

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  1. That is SO NASTY about getting rid of employee retirement funds. Geez. I feel I have lost a small sliver of my innocence. Twinkie?