Monday, November 5, 2012

Glica Caplico Chocolate Mega Combo

I don't even know whether to call this Mega Combo bar by Caplico a huge cookie or a very light and crumbly candy bar. It's a little bit of both and it's splendid. It's the Japanese version of aerated chocolate- what Aero and Hershey's Air Delight hoped for and missed. Apparently, the standard format of Caplico products are the light aerated center placed into a cookie, creating an overarching ice cream cone shape. I've never tried those. This, though, is a fat ice cream sandwich sized chunk. The outer layer is super crisp, crumbly chocolate wafer cookie. The center is aerated chocolate, but tastes nothing like the Airo or Air Delight bars. Upon human touch it almost instantly melts and falls in on itself- a slow motion collapse where chocolately air mixes with crumbly cookie and both resolve into a substantive mouth full of rich milk chocolate. I loved it. I really hope to find more of these.

Score: 4

1 comment:

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