Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Chocolate Bar, NYC: Dark Salty Chocolate Mustache

Although sold year-round and not intended specifically for Halloween, The Chocolate Bar's Dark Salty Chocolate Mustache can serve double duty as part of your Halloween costume as well as a tasty snack. Hand-crafted dark chocolate has a nice rich taste but doesn't really melt in your mouth. Perhaps they had to make the chocolate a little more solid in order for it to maintain its mustachioed form. Also, instead of sprinkling salt throughout the pre-molded chocolate, the Chocolate Bar simply adheres a smattering of large salt crystals to the back of the mustache. To my taste, the salt is a little too chunky so you end up with big blasts of salt rather than a subtle infusion. That said, I had a ball playing with and then consuming my chocolate mustache. There are myriad creative possibilities to be discovered with these unique lollipops.

Score (taste): 3
Score (concept): 5

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