Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Treats: Candy Corn Bagel, The Bagel Store, Brooklyn

The Bagel Store, located in Brooklyn at the intersection of Metropolitan and Graham Avenues, has a mad scientist at the bagel helm, who invents preposterous/innovative/thrilling new bagel recipes almost daily. And this is not to be confused with some place that's replacing good quality with wild and distracting flavors. These are great bagels, comparable to a fresh baked, still-hot H&H bagel, the best bagel experience on earth. I would choose to eat a plain bagel from The Bagel Store over pretty much any other- and keep in mind I live on bagels (and candy). So the other day I walked in and examined the flavors of the day. Rainbow Cookie Bagel (sold out)! Cannoli Cream Cheese! Banana Bagel (sold out)! Egg and Cheddar Bagel (super scrumptious, especially warmed up)! And finally, Candy Corn bagel for Halloween. It was just right. Ok, it didn't exactly taste like candy corn, but it was a subtly sweet bagel. You could still put on cream cheese and just find it to be a bit sweeter and corn syrup-ier than your average plain bagel. But include the sweet flavor with layers of orange and yellow and white bagel dough and your mind goes straight to candy corn when you take a bite. Brilliant!!

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  1. I want this RIGHT NOW!!! Do you do deliveries to California? Do they?