Friday, September 14, 2012

Caramel Apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Ashland, Oregon

photos courtesy of pam "momma" mendelsohn

Speaking of caramel apples (see Caramel Apple Sugar Babies review below), I just have to post a quick shout-out to my favorite purveyor of decadent caramel apples: the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Maybe their fudge and candies are good, too. I wouldn't know because I only go for the caramel apples. They are incredible. Besides the magnificent array of toppings, the apples are always fresh and crisp which is so key to a perfect caramel apple. I don't care that it's a chain- they do it right and it doesn't feel mass-produced. Unfortunately, my go-to Rocky Mountain shop closed down in Manhattan. But my love for Rock Mountain Caramel Apples all started in their shop in Ashland, Oregon. I hope it stays open forever.

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