Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Surprise! Cadbury Screme Egg

This is so exciting! A new holiday-themed Cadbury Creme Egg, the Cadbury Screme Egg, is available for the Halloween season! Now we've got Cadbury Creme Eggs twice a year! I'm stockpiling! The only difference in the new version is a green, rather than yellow, yolk. There is no difference in taste, but somehow it is more unnerving to consume green goo rather than the familiar composition of the chocolate egg with yellow creme yolk center. Perhaps not scream-worthy, but definitely a less comforting and soothing  than the original version. I'll take it, though! Maybe for this Easter, Cadbury Creme Eggs will come with purple, pink, and blue pastel fillings! I can dream....

Score (taste): 5
Score (color scheme): 4

Friday, September 14, 2012

Caramel Apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Ashland, Oregon

photos courtesy of pam "momma" mendelsohn

Speaking of caramel apples (see Caramel Apple Sugar Babies review below), I just have to post a quick shout-out to my favorite purveyor of decadent caramel apples: the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Maybe their fudge and candies are good, too. I wouldn't know because I only go for the caramel apples. They are incredible. Besides the magnificent array of toppings, the apples are always fresh and crisp which is so key to a perfect caramel apple. I don't care that it's a chain- they do it right and it doesn't feel mass-produced. Unfortunately, my go-to Rocky Mountain shop closed down in Manhattan. But my love for Rock Mountain Caramel Apples all started in their shop in Ashland, Oregon. I hope it stays open forever.

Halloween Sugar Season: Caramel Apple Sugar Babies

I've been looking for these Caramel Apple Sugar Babies everywhere and finally located them at a local Target. Caramel apples are one of the best foods on earth. Sugar babies come close in that "best-ever" echelon. Sadly, though, these are not appealing to the taste-buds. The apple flavoring on the outside tastes like a Jolly Rancher Green Apple candy- it's that intensively artificial version of apple that bears no resemblance to a real tart yet mellow apple. This strident apple layer completely obliterates the flavor of the caramel interior. I did find that if you shove a bunch of the Sugar Babies in your mouth at once, once some of the apple layer wears off, you can taste a nice blend of caramel and apple. But really, these are chewy artificial apple candies. Disappointing, certainly, but an interesting idea. Sugar Baby could really run with this idea and blend the caramel mini delights with all kinds of exterior flavors that might combine beautifully.

Score: 2

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Season: White Chocolate Candy Corn m&m's

I'm so excited to have found these limited edition White Chocolate Candy Corn m&m's at my local Target. They were released last year at the same time, but I was never able to track them down (click to read my wishlist preview from last year). I approached them with a mix of excitement and wariness as I can eat pounds of candy corn in one sitting, but white chocolate products do not tend to be favorites. These are basically larger-than-regular m&m's in a candy corn white, yellow, and orange color profile, filled with white chocolate. The bad surprise: I really didn't taste that unique candy corn flavor in there. In the first few I ate, there was an underlying candy corn moment. By the 4th m&m, all I could taste was the white chocolate. That said, the nice surprise is that this is really appealing white chocolate, very soft and melty and not at all waxy, as white chocolate can be. It's a little like eating a ball of sweet white frosting encased in a crunchy shell. Good! Super sweet! Perhaps a little too intensely sweet. Perfect for consuming a handful but I would be hard-pressed to finish a whole box (unlike with regular or peanut butter m&m's).

Score: 3

Friday, September 7, 2012

Get Ready for Halloween Season: New Limited Edition Candy Corn Oreo Cookies

photo courtesy of buzzfeed

Oh boy, we've barely hit September and yet we must start looking forward to Halloween Candy season- it's arrived! As of September 10, you'll be able to combine two tastes you never thought should be combined, Oreo Cookies and Candy Corn. Yep, this is Oreo's homage to the holiday and I can't wait to try it! I'm sure it will be overly sweet, but I bet that candy corn creme filling is going to be amazing! Speaking of which, candy corn frosting might be a good idea for Betty Crocker to look into. Just saying...
To read more about this explosive new venture, click hear to jump to Buzzfeed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cadbury Starbar: So Delicious!

The Cadbury Starbar is a new discovery for me, but has been around for decades under a number of names- Moro, Peanut Boost, and Wunderbar, to name a few. The Cadbury website and Wikipedia both offer brief histories of the candy bar. Nonetheless, it's thrillingly new to me. The closest approximation I can make is that it's like a delicate round Snickers bar, but more simple and better tasting. You've got a thick wrapper of Cadbury's perfect milk chocolate. That chocolate covers a surprisingly robust and buttery layer of caramel. This is not a polite little layer of caramel; it constitutes about 1/3 of the bar's substance. The center of the Starbar is riddled with peanuts to add a substantive crunch to each bite. The wrapper advertises "a chewy cosmos of peanuts and caramel," and it delivers. I wish I could find these around New York more frequently....

Score: 4