Friday, August 10, 2012

Mexican Candy: Bocadin Wafer Bar

Oddly, I've been taste-testing a lot of wafer bars recently. I don't even love wafer bars, but keep coming across intriguing international versions of the classic cookie candy bar to compare. (Recent reviews include: Bingo Serenata Double from Greece, Nestle Princessa Maxi Mleczna from Poland, Milka GoFree (Cokolatah Gofret) from Turkey, KitKats from America and Japan, Ulker Chocolate Wafer Bar with Hazelnut Cream from Turkey, and even the new Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Bars from America). I'm very picky about a wafer bar as it has to be super delicious to impress my taste buds. I mean, there is no contest for me when presented with a wafer bar versus a peanut butter cup. It just goes without saying. Maybe I've just been eating too many of these wafer bars of late, but I found this Bocadin Wafer Bar from Mexico to be the most disappointing choice yet. The wrapper claims that it is a "peanut filled wafer with chocolate flavor coat." Well, the first problem is immediately evident- "chocolate flavor". This is not chocolate but that greasy coating that approximates the taste of chocolate without any underlying substance. Not a good start. In addition, I tasted no peanut flavor in the filling. Finally, there was no crispness to the wafer. I bit into the bar and was greeted with a sodden mouthful of flavorless mushy cookie. Maybe I got a bad one? Have any other readers had good experiences with a Bocadin Wafer Bar?

Score: 1


  1. Maybe you should start a round of antibiotics? ICK! Of all the wafer bars you have taste tested, my favorite name is Milka GoFree.

  2. Dont even try it they taste like licking a tree covered in dirt GROSS AND THE TASTE DOESN'T GO AWAY!!!!!!