Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chocolove Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate Bar

This Chocolove Dark Chocolate (55% Cocoa) Orange Peel Bar constituted a really lovely surprise. I'm used to orange and chocolate being presented as chocolate infused with orange flavoring. That's ok, but this is better! Suspended through the dark chocolate are numerous crunchy pieces of real orange peel. It adds a bit of crunch or substance to the melty chocolate. In addition, you get that real orange peel zest that finishes in your mouth with that pleasantly bitter taste. It combines beautifully with the dark chocolate. And speaking of which, this is really pure tasting dark chocolate and yet this is one of Chocolove's bars with the least pure cocoa content. I can't imagine how strong the rest must taste. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed much darker because it already rode the line between perfect and not-sweet-enough. All considered, I loved the taste of this bar, especially because it was totally unique to any other chocolate-orange mixture I've consumed. Thanks, Mark!

Score: 4

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