Monday, August 20, 2012

Best Chocolate Bar Ever: Salazon Chocolate Co. Organic Dark Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt & Organic Turbinado Cane Sugar

I bought this Salazon Chocolate Co. Organic Dark Chocolate Bar with Sea Salt and Organic Turbinado Cane Sugar on a whim recently at the local bodega. To be frank, it's the best candy bar I ever tasted. I think it might not appeal to others as much as it did to me, but my taste buds found it to be perfection. Here's the thing. First off, the packaging is beautiful and I'm a sucker for great packaging. The candy bar came in this really unique wrapper with an enticing photograph of woods speckled with late afternoon sunlight. It's simply so inviting. You open the bar and discover an elegant frieze of Asian rice-pickers or fishermen, I can't tell which. My candy bar got a little melted between the bodega and home so the chocolate landscape isn't as beautiful in the photograph as an unblemished bar. Finally, the taste. The rich dark chocolate blends sweet and bitter elements perfectly and melts in your mouth almost instantly, leaving behind crunchy granules of both salt and sugar. As the chocolate fades away, you are left with the chocolate after-notes amped up with combined salt and sugar flavors. It's as if the chocolate goes through a metamorphosis of flavor from the time you bite it until the last of the bite dissolves. I also love that little crunch of the salt and sugar bits. I have to find more of these. I would also love to test their chocolate bar that features sea salt and crushed coffee. Of you happen to see these Salazon Chocolate bars anywhere, pick one up. You won't be sorry.

Score: 5 (5+!)

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  1. There is someone in Emeryville who would give you a place to stay if you brought her this candy bar!