Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Polish Chocolate: Alpen Gold Mleczna Kraina ("The Milky Land") Chocolate Bar

The Alpen Gold Mleczna Kraina ("The Milky Land") chocolate bar, produced in Poland, is the best chocolate discovery I've made yet this summer!  It consists of hazelnut cream wrapped in super sweet milk chocolate. Hazelnut is not one of my favorite flavors, and I actually avoid it in candy bars, but this was truly the most delectable hazelnut cream I've ever encountered. It's really mellow and on first bite you don't even taste the hazelnut, but as the cream melts in your mouth, the nut flavor augments rapidly. It's almost like very buttery hazelnut fudge, but I found that the actual nut flavor was more accurate and "nutty" than in almost any other hazelnut-infused candy I've tasted. The small box comes with four individually wrapped mini bars and each bar is a perfect two-bite treat. Somehow the chocolate maintains its form within the box but immediately upon touching your fingers the chocolate and interior cream begin to melt rapidly. It makes for a messy but outstandingly delightful treat. I found this chocolate bar in a local Polish grocery and have no idea where else one might find these in the United States. If any reader knows of a source, please write in!

Score: 5 (with extra kudos for changing my mind about the nature of hazelnut candies)


  1. If you happen to be coming to California anytime soon, please bring as many Girl Scout flavors and also this one from Poland. xo, Anonymous (with sweet tooth)

  2. I'm pretty sure I've seen these at cost plus world market

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