Friday, July 27, 2012

Polish Candy: Pierrot Candy Bar

Oh no no no, I didn't like this Pierrot candy bar, produced by E.Wedel, one bit. I was riding high on a Polish candy kick after taste-testing the Alpen Gold Mleczna Kraina candy bar, but this Pierrot bar doesn't come close to the same level of luscious decadence. Instead, very oily yet unmelty chocolate covers a dense bar of fudge-like substance with bits of peanuts suspended inside. The fudge-like substance is only fudge-like in consistency. The chocolate flavor, though, is quite weak in taste, more cocoa-infused flavor than actual chocolate. I couldn't get through more than a bite. Have any readers tried this candy? Can someone explain the appeal?

Score: 1 (blech) 

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