Monday, July 23, 2012

Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Caramel & Coconut Candy Bar

I already taste-tested and posted a glowing report about the new limited edition Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars in Caramel & Coconut (Samoas cookie) flavor. Read that review here. That said, I pre-ordered boxes of the Girl Scout treats before they were distributed to stores and have not encountered the actual candy bars around town yet. In the box, you find 12 individually wrapped mini candy bars. Enter my friend Ben, who tracked down the sweet treats in candy bar form. It actually consists of two of the mini-bars from the box enclosed in one candy bar wrapper. The candy bar is the same; but you get two at once. I like it. One hitch: I have discovered that two of the mini bars are never enough. I always want three or four. So I advise all to buy two of the candy bars at once- you'll thank me later!

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