Friday, July 27, 2012

Polish Candy: Pierrot Candy Bar

Oh no no no, I didn't like this Pierrot candy bar, produced by E.Wedel, one bit. I was riding high on a Polish candy kick after taste-testing the Alpen Gold Mleczna Kraina candy bar, but this Pierrot bar doesn't come close to the same level of luscious decadence. Instead, very oily yet unmelty chocolate covers a dense bar of fudge-like substance with bits of peanuts suspended inside. The fudge-like substance is only fudge-like in consistency. The chocolate flavor, though, is quite weak in taste, more cocoa-infused flavor than actual chocolate. I couldn't get through more than a bite. Have any readers tried this candy? Can someone explain the appeal?

Score: 1 (blech) 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beware the Kinder Egg (When Crossing the Border)

 photo courtesy of insidetheegg

Over a year ago, I reported that our beloved Kinder Eggs had been banned in the United States. Click here to read that article. It was confusing, though, because ever since then I have run into Kinder Eggs for sale in stores all over New York. I figured the ban was just a rumor, or at least never came to fruition. This past week, however, news surfaced about two American tourists in Canada who tried to bring six Kinder Eggs back over the border and were faced with a $15,000 fine for contraband. They were let go without having to pay the fine, but this is a good warning that we shouldn't be carrying Kinder Eggs into the U.S. Read full article here on Gawker. So I'm confused, we are not allowed to bring Kinder Eggs into the country but I see them for sale all over the city. Do any astute readers know what's going on? 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Caramel & Coconut Candy Bar

I already taste-tested and posted a glowing report about the new limited edition Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars in Caramel & Coconut (Samoas cookie) flavor. Read that review here. That said, I pre-ordered boxes of the Girl Scout treats before they were distributed to stores and have not encountered the actual candy bars around town yet. In the box, you find 12 individually wrapped mini candy bars. Enter my friend Ben, who tracked down the sweet treats in candy bar form. It actually consists of two of the mini-bars from the box enclosed in one candy bar wrapper. The candy bar is the same; but you get two at once. I like it. One hitch: I have discovered that two of the mini bars are never enough. I always want three or four. So I advise all to buy two of the candy bars at once- you'll thank me later!

Eleni's New York: Imaginative Cookies

The other day I was walking through Chelsea Market and happened to glance inside Eleni's Bakery and witnessed the most astonishing and whimsical array of cookies covering an entire wall. Each box of cookies hosted a different theme, from Bird Sanctuary to Birthday Fashionista, all crafted so beautifully. For the full line of esoteric cookie design options (or build-your-own!), check out the link here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Polish Chocolate: Alpen Gold Mleczna Kraina ("The Milky Land") Chocolate Bar

The Alpen Gold Mleczna Kraina ("The Milky Land") chocolate bar, produced in Poland, is the best chocolate discovery I've made yet this summer!  It consists of hazelnut cream wrapped in super sweet milk chocolate. Hazelnut is not one of my favorite flavors, and I actually avoid it in candy bars, but this was truly the most delectable hazelnut cream I've ever encountered. It's really mellow and on first bite you don't even taste the hazelnut, but as the cream melts in your mouth, the nut flavor augments rapidly. It's almost like very buttery hazelnut fudge, but I found that the actual nut flavor was more accurate and "nutty" than in almost any other hazelnut-infused candy I've tasted. The small box comes with four individually wrapped mini bars and each bar is a perfect two-bite treat. Somehow the chocolate maintains its form within the box but immediately upon touching your fingers the chocolate and interior cream begin to melt rapidly. It makes for a messy but outstandingly delightful treat. I found this chocolate bar in a local Polish grocery and have no idea where else one might find these in the United States. If any reader knows of a source, please write in!

Score: 5 (with extra kudos for changing my mind about the nature of hazelnut candies)

Presidential Preference: Obama Favors the Thin Mint over All Other Girl Scout Cookies

Breaking news! President Obama has announced his favorite variety of Girl Scout Cookie and the winner is Thin Mints. Audience reactions were strong, ranging from a supportive chant of "Thin Mints! Thin Mints!" to contrarian Booing. To read more about the announcement, head to The Washington Post.....

Monday, July 9, 2012

A New York Times Exploration of the Split-Up of Mike and Ike

photo courtesy of mike and ike

A recent New York Times article explores the history of Mike and Ike candy as well as the brand's recent advertising campaign and attempt to garner a new generation of consumers. Read article here....

Wish List: New Combinations of Old Flavors of Mike and Ike Candy, Lem & Mel and Cherri & Bubb Released!

Mike and Ike has quietly re-released some favorite flavors of the past back into the market, in new combinations. Mike and Ike Lem & Mel combines the recent limited edition Lemonade flavor in a box with Watermelon. Mike and Ike Cherri & Bubb mixes classic Cherry with Bubble Gum flavored candies. I've gotta find these! Have any readers seen them for sale? (See flavors here and here on the Mike and Ike website). 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pina Colada and Mojito Mentos

This new variety of Mentos, in Pina Colada and Mojito flavors, are somewhat confusing to the taste buds. Astoundingly, both flavors taste unnervingly like the drink for which they are named. The pina colada has a rich milky coconut taste, and the mix of lime and mint in the mojito flavor is surprisingly accurate. I love the classic Mento consistency, but here that texture doesn't really fit the nature of the juicy flavors. I'd certainly eat them again, though.

Score: 3