Thursday, June 28, 2012

Outburst Energy Bites in Chocolate Mint (Caffeine Charged!)

I'm always curious about any caffeine-infused edible to enter the market. Some are classics (read my review of Pocket Coffee here), some are fine but fleeting (read about the Snicker's Charged bar here), and some are pretty revolting (read about Lotte Black Black Candy and Gum here). These Outburst Chocolate Mint Energy Bites fall somewhere in the middle of the scale. The mint-infused chocolate isn't anything to write home about, but it's not half bad. If there wasn't caffeine involved I wouldn't have deemed them delicious, but for a caffeine-infused sweet, the chemical taste of caffeine was quite subtle and the little chocolate balls were pretty addictive. Actually, the primary problem with these is that it's easy to eat the whole box without realizing how much caffeine you're consuming. Four little m&m-sized bites constitute a (weak) cup of coffee. If you inadvertently eat the whole box, you're in for a triple wallup of energy. They are certainly effective. Honestly, I can't imagine exchanging my morning or afternoon coffee for a mouthful of these Energy Bites, but they are nice to have in one's bag for a sweet pick-me-up. I'd certainly eat them again with pleasure, but this time I'll pay attention to the quantity consumed.

Score (taste): 2
Score (overall effectiveness): 4

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