Friday, June 15, 2012

Limited Edition Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Caramel & Coconut Candy Bar

I am addicted to these limited edition Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Coconut & Caramel Candy Bars, infused with the flavors of the classic Samoa cookie. My favorite! It's true that the greasy mockolate coating lacks the depth and melty bliss of real chocolate. That would really make these perfection. But the crisp wafer cookies and coconut caramel layers between the cookies truly represent the flavor of a Samoa, in lighter bite-size form. It's vaguely magical! And I can honestly say that I have never experienced a candy bar with this alluring flavor profile. These should certainly not be limited edition. However, I would request that Nestle use some of its delicious real milk chocolate to enrobe the candy bar instead of the fake chocolate for the permanent edition.

Score: 4

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  1. My comment disappeared! Mockolate! I love that word! I think it means WAX on candy or cookies. Please tell Nestles to replace with milk chocolate. Yum!!!!