Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dark Chocolate Mint m&m's

I reviewed the Winter limited edition Mint m&m's in the past and found them to be enjoyable but not very striking (see review here). These new Dark Chocolate Mint m&m's are an improvement. The dark chocolate combines with the subtle mint infusion to create a soothing, pleasing flavor. I'll admit, the dark chocolate in these doesn't seem as dark or flavorful as the stuff used in Dark Chocolate m&m's. These would be even better if the dark chocolate maintained a little bitterness to offset the sweet mint. And the infusion of mint is still on the light side- I'd prefer a bit more strident mint flavor. These are certainly pleasant, the flavors just all seem a bit muted. I still prefer basic m&m's (or peanut butter m&m's...yum) to the mint-infused ones, but these are the best mint product m&m's has developed yet. Maybe they'll go even further in the next round and come out with something extraordinary. Thanks for finding these, Mark!

Score: 3

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  1. As an intrepid traveler into the world of candy, I am wondering: how are your teeth!