Thursday, May 10, 2012

Limited Edition 3 Musketeers Marshmallow Minis

3 Muskateers has produced a new limited edition variety of Mini Muskateer bites: Marshmallow! Previously they came out with Cherry Minis. I loved those quite passionately (read blog review here), and enjoyed these Marshmallow Minis nearly as much. The flavor of the interior is hard to describe- a light vanilla-heavy marshmallow but with a consistency closer to the 3 Muskateers original than to a true marshmallow. They are airy and light and the combination of the marshmallow filling with the milk chocolate exterior is perfection. The bag reads "Whipped Up, Fluffy Chocolate with Marshmallow Taste," but I don't really taste a note of chocolate, whipped or otherwise, in the interior filling. So it doesn't taste like chocolate, and it doesn't feel like marshmallow, but whatever mysterious concoction comprises the filling is successful. What I notice primarily is that once you eat one, you absolutely cannot stop. I sat down on the couch with two other taste-testers, and the entire (large) bag was gone by the time we stood up. There is something compellingly addictive about these between the flavor, light consistency, and perfect one-bite size. My fellow taste-testers gave them rave reviews. I still prefer the Original and even the Cherry varieties, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick up and consume another bag of these Marshmallow Muskateers. Good for 3 Muskateers for branching out. I can't wait to test their next flavor!

Score: 4

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