Thursday, May 3, 2012

IT'SUGAR candy store, Emeryville, California

photo courtesy of pam "momma" mendelsohn 

Today I include a photo of myself standing amazed and agog amid giant-size candies at the IT'SUGAR store in Emeryville, California. Yes, those enormous Wonka Sweetarts are real, as are the Nerds and Pop Rocks. Willy Wonka would be pleased at the sight of these giant candies dwarfing the store's inhabitants. It'sugar is a chain store that appears to be rapidly expanding locations throughout the country, so chances are you will find yourself near one at some point- it's worth a visit. There you can find not only the giganto-size version of your favorite candy, but also more esoteric flavors of candy standards as well as hard-to-find nostalgic classics. GooGoo Cluster review and more to come!


  1. I am honored to have taken this photo. It was quite an experience, like being with "a kid in a candy store!" Pam aka Her Mother

  2. OMG - you're so hot!

  3. Great Photo! Thanks for stopping by :)