Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ritter Sport Kakaosplitter

Unlike the mega-delicious Ritter Sport Joghurt, the Ritter Sport Kakaosplitter did not appeal to my taste buds. The milky chocolate shell encases a dense chocolate filling with crunchy cocoa nibs or bits suspended throughout. I found the consistency with the crunchy bits off-putting and really couldn't taste their flavor. Somewhat disappointing, but I remain optimistic about the myriad Ritter Sport flavors left to try!

Score: 2

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ritter Sport Joghurt

I've stayed away from Ritter Sport primarily because there are so many unique flavors I don't even know where to begin! I've eaten about a million of their cornflake-filled bars but always accidentally indulge before photographing. They're just too good. This week a colleague at work brought back a fresh array from a trip to Germany and I couldn't resist sharing a couple of selections. The first, Ritter Sport Joghurt (Yogurt), is fantastic. People either exceedingly like or dislike the new-ish fad of yogurt flavored items. I love them, and this yogurt-flavored product is a doozy. The creamy milk chocolate off-sets the vaguely sour yogurt cream filling. It's just the right amount of sweet and leaves a lovely aftertaste. Now I love these as much as the Ritter Cornflake bars. Big hit! Thanks, Allison!

Score: 4

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Season is Upon Us: Skittles Eggs

Same old delicious Skittles (can't go wrong), fun little dispenser for the Easter holiday. You press down on the top of the egg and a few Skittles roll out the bottom. Way better than a plain old plastic egg!

Score: (solid) 4

New York Times Magazine's Photographic Tour of the Peeps Factory

Today's New York Times Magazine published a beautiful portfolio of images of production in the Peeps factory. The photos of the marshmallow creations are so incredibly enticing and vaguely magical. Click here to view

Sugar Babies Easter Mix

Sugar Babies constitute an old-school staple. The simple, perfect caramel morsels make for compulsive snacking. They're not the best caramel you've ever had but they're addictive with just the right size, shape, consistency and just enough buttery sweet flavor. The pastel-colored Sugar Babies Easter Mix doesn't taste any different than the original version except that the additional candy coating changes the consistency a little so that you must exert a little more effort to properly chomp through a mouthful. These are simply a colorful, fun variation to celebrate Spring. Add these in with the Sugar Babies Christmas Mixit's great that the brand is branching out. There are so many more possible variations and I hope that Sugar Babies keeps going in this direction.

Score: 4

Monday, April 2, 2012

Making Easter Candy with the Master, Jacques Torres (via Epicurious)

photo courtesy of realsimple

Jacques Torres makes the most incredible, decadent chocolate products. Today, Epicurious brings us a sweet lesson from Torres, explaining how to make your own Easter candy treats. Included are recipes for molded chocolate bunnies, chocolate marshmallow eggs, and peanut butter chocolate eggs. Yum! Click here to read the recipes and advice from the master