Monday, March 12, 2012

Papabubble Hand Crafted Hard Candy: I Love New York - 5 Boroughs Mix

Papabubble is a store in New York that makes the most incredible hand-rolled hard candy (read about it here in The New Yorker and The New York Times).  This is candy as an art form, staying true to traditional methods while creating modern marvels. If you can visit the store, you'll witness candy-makers layering and pulling the glass-like rolls. 

The flavors are also unique and exciting- grapefruit-basil, lemon-lavender, and pear-bergamot mix with classics such as raspberry, butterscotch, and cherry. (For a full list of flavors, click here). I've never tasted a bad one. (By the way, they give out free samples).

The I Love New York Borough Mix feels like a special treat. Each candy announces the name of a borough through carefully constructed layers of colored candy layering. All of the flavors sparkle. Brooklyn is Strawberry-Banana (my least favorite flavor though I call Brooklyn home), Manhattan is Mango-Lime, the Bronx is Passion Fruit-Orange (the best), Queens is Apple-Pear, and Staten Island tastes like Raspberries and Lemon. I bought a few other mixes on my last visit there and can't wait to try them. I'll report back soon.

Score: 5 (indeed)

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  1. wow, i so want to go there...right now!! thanks for the scoop!