Sunday, March 11, 2012

Malaco Lauantai Juniori Gummies

Swedish candy is relatively new to me, so I wasn't at all sure what kind of flavors to expect from these Lauantai Juniori gummies from the Malaco company. I've gotten to taste some absolutely delicious Swedish licorice products in the past, but certainly never gummies. My friend Tara sent these gummies and I love the barnyard shapes and mellow Autumnal color scheme. As Malaco originally introduced the United States to the unimpeachable original Swedish Fish so I was a little surprised as the mushy soft consistency of the candies as compared to the firm perfection of the traditional Fish. The flavors tasted muddled, too, in comparison. I couldn't make it through more than one of each flavor. I'll stick with the Fish!

Score: 1

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