Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Treat: Jelly Belly Peter Rabbit Collection (and Jelly Belly Hosting Santorum Rally??)

The packaging on the Jelly Belly Peter Rabbit Collection of jelly beans is so irresistibly lovely! Any Beatrix Potter fan cannot help but scoop up a bag or two. It's an odd selection of flavors, to my mind not at all evocative of bunnies in general or Peter Rabbit in particular: Bubble Gum, Buttered Popcorn, Juicy Pear, Lemon Drop, Sour Grape, Top Banana, and 7Up. It's not the most enticing flavor mixture, although Grape, Pear, Lemon, and 7Up are pretty great. This is one of those cases where I got more excited about the packaging than the actual candy, but it is some of the best candy packaging I've encountered.

On another note, I was a bit dismayed to find out that the Jelly Belly company is taking a major political stance and hosting a Rick Santorum Rally at their Fairfield, California factory this afternoon. (Read here for more on the rally, covered in the LA Times). I hadn't known about Jelly Belly's long-held support of Republican Party candidates (remember Reagan's famous jelly beans? Jelly Belly). I don't want to think about the money paid for my Peter Rabbit Jelly Bellies supporting Santorum, or anyone's, campaign.

Score (packaging): 5
Score (flavor profile): 2
Score (political campaign support): 1

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  1. I think Santorum actually paid to hold his rally there, I don't think it was a donation by the company. Though Jelly Belly is looking for support in overturning the current sugar subsidy program and Santorum is a supporter of that. (Pretty much everyone is these days.)