Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Candy Season: Elmer's Gold Brick Egg

I was really excited to find this Elmer's Gold Brick Egg in my neighborhood Duane Reede. They don't usually deal candy from small companies. Elmer's Chocolate, from Louisiana, has produced chocolate products since 1855 and has been making Gold Brick Eggs since 1936. They're a small company that has stayed true to their traditional recipes and I had never stumbled across them in New York before. I've been especially hoping to try their Heavenly Hash Eggs, that apparently suspend pecans in a marshmallow filling, but no luck finding those yet. I have a feeling I'll like that one. Unfortunately, I wasn't that thrilled with the Gold Brick Egg. The chocolate was nice and creamy, and pecans are always an excellent integral ingredient mixed with chocolate, but I found the chocolate melt-away center a little too corn syrupy sweet. It had a nice texture, but the whole combination was just a little too sweet without a substantive chocolate flavor. I think I would enjoy the Heavenly Hash Egg more...

Score: 3

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  1. You obviously did not grow up in South Louisiana. Elmer's Gold Brick Eggs are an Easter staple there. They're one of the things I miss most about living away from LA.