Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dona Jimena Hojaldre and Trufado al Whisky

A colleague recently returned from a trip to Spain bearing some fantastic treats made by the Dona Jimena company. One box contained individually wrapped two-bite cakes. I tried the Hojaldre, which vaguely translates to "puff pastry." This little layered goody had the consistency of a really light and flaky scone or shortbread. Though buttery and rich, the dominant flavor was a sparkling zesty orange and I loved it.

The second box yielded Dona Jimena truffles, again two-bite size and individually wrapped. I tried the Trufado al Whisky, or Whiskey Truffle, and was blown away. I usually don't like candy mixed with alcohol but this used the whiskey element to perfection. Covered in both white and milk chocolate, the core maintained a consistency halfway between a brownie and fudge. The whiskey flavor wasn't overwhelming and mixed perfectly with the chocolate to make the flavor interesting and indulgent. These boxes were emptied by my office-mates (and myself) in record time. Thanks, Femke!

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