Friday, February 3, 2012

See's Candies Molasses Chips

photo courtesy see's candies

A brief comment about candy at work. My office is filled with people who appreciate and share sweets, and I appreciate that I am surrounded by like-minded individuals. I noticed very quickly upon starting my new position that people placed candy out for sharing on pretty much a daily basis. This fact alone didn't surprise me. What did surprise me is that the candy disappears around here really quickly. At first I felt guilty dipping repeatedly into the never-ending candy bowl, but then realized that I often didn't even reach the bowl in time for seconds. And I like that. There's no shame in indulging when everyone is. Recently one of my co-workers returned from a trip to California with See's Candies Molasses Chips in hand. The entire box disappeared in record time, and the reason why is obvious. These are amazing and really unique. See's chocolate is really lovely- melty and rich, kind of like a hand-made higher quality Cadbury. The molasses brittle is crunchy, like a toffee infused with molasses, which combines beautifully with the chocolate. Each "chip" is the perfect two-bite size. I can't stop thinking about them and other co-workers have mentioned the same. Why doesn't See's distribute on the East Coast? Thanks, Liz!

Score: 5 (5+!)

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  1. These are really tasty!! I live here in SF and send them out to friends on the East Coast all the time.