Thursday, February 16, 2012

Healthy Snacking? Snickers to Downsize Portion in 2013.

The Salt, NPR's Food Blog has announced that beginning in 2013, Mars will make all of their candy bars in portions under 250 calories in order to support "responsible snacking". No more King Size, and chocolate bars like Snickers will be reduced in size (by about 11%) in order to maintain its calorie-conscious stance. Other Mars- generated candies such as Twix and M&M's will remain unchanged because they already weigh in under the requisite 250 calories. Personally, I'm fine with indulging in a little less. And anyone who really misses the massive King Size bar can always consume two Snickers instead. I just wonder whether these new portions will make any real difference in the (empty) calories people consume- they're already picking up a Snicker's chocolate bar instead of yogurt or other healthy fare. But portion control, rather than abdicating chocolate treats altogether, does seem like a more reasonable expectation for people trying to lead more calorie-conscious and healthy lifestyles.
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