Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wonka Tinglerz: Poppin' Tinglin' Chocolate Candy

Ew, I'm way into Pop Rocks, but Wonka Tinglerz just take the whole endeavor a step too far. You get the thrill of popping candy in your mouth- apparently chocolate flavored popping candy, although I only tasted the waxy non-chocolatey "chocolate" coating around the popping candy. If the mockolate coating fails to melt in the mouth and tastes unlike anything resembling delicious, what's the point of letting it linger for the fireworks of the Tinglerz? I'm trying to picture, however, if Tinglerz covered in a good chocolate would even be enticing, and I'm wary after this initial foray. Wonka makes such good chocolate products, so why did they fail to utilize a craveable chocolate in this case?

Score: 2

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