Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nobel Super Lemon Candy

Upon purchase, I didn't even care if these Nobel Super Lemon candies were tasty or not because the Roy Lichtenstein-like design on the packaging is fantastic enough to sell me! It's also an extremely cool way to get across the message that these candies are super sour, or X'treme, as popular packaging might bill it. Look at the rays of pain emanating from the woman's mouth on the bag- even if you can't read Japanese, the message is clear. The lemon candies are good, too. The outside is wiped with a super sour powder that takes your breath away a little bit. But that sour powder quickly diminishes and you're left with a soothing yet tart and citrus-laden lemon candy that's extremely satisfying. I love these!

Score: 4


  1. The package makes me think the woman is about to need a Heimlich maneuver!

  2. I swear I used to eat these in 1991-1992. The outer packaging was different, but the individual candy wrappers look familiar. I had to go to a store where they sold Hello Kitty stuff to get them in the USA. They also had Super Cola, and THAT was my favorite.