Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marzipan at the Fortunato Brothers Pastry Shop, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you're ever wandering around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, take a detour to the Fortunato Brothers Bakery and Pastry Shop over on Manhattan Avenue. Visiting has become a favorite personal past-time and I am trying to (slowly) make my way through all of their offerings. The pastries are light, fluffy, heavy on the creme-filling, and fresh, the hot cocoa is perfection, the environment is warm and welcoming. You really can't find a better pastry shop in all five boroughs. That said, the main event at the Fortunato Bros., in my opinion, is their selection of marzipan creations. They're some of the most beautifully made marzipan confections I've encountered anywhere, almost too pretty to eat. But delicious, too. And inexpensive, to boot!! Visit if you can! 

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