Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fortunato Brothers Marzipan Seafood

I've written before about the astounding, imaginative, and truly scrumptious array of home-made marzipan candies at The Fortunado Brothers Bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (click here to read). I couldn't help but include this wonderful shot of the seafood marzipan they had on display this weekend. Just beautiful.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nobel Super Lemon Candy

Upon purchase, I didn't even care if these Nobel Super Lemon candies were tasty or not because the Roy Lichtenstein-like design on the packaging is fantastic enough to sell me! It's also an extremely cool way to get across the message that these candies are super sour, or X'treme, as popular packaging might bill it. Look at the rays of pain emanating from the woman's mouth on the bag- even if you can't read Japanese, the message is clear. The lemon candies are good, too. The outside is wiped with a super sour powder that takes your breath away a little bit. But that sour powder quickly diminishes and you're left with a soothing yet tart and citrus-laden lemon candy that's extremely satisfying. I love these!

Score: 4

Wonka Tinglerz: Poppin' Tinglin' Chocolate Candy

Ew, I'm way into Pop Rocks, but Wonka Tinglerz just take the whole endeavor a step too far. You get the thrill of popping candy in your mouth- apparently chocolate flavored popping candy, although I only tasted the waxy non-chocolatey "chocolate" coating around the popping candy. If the mockolate coating fails to melt in the mouth and tastes unlike anything resembling delicious, what's the point of letting it linger for the fireworks of the Tinglerz? I'm trying to picture, however, if Tinglerz covered in a good chocolate would even be enticing, and I'm wary after this initial foray. Wonka makes such good chocolate products, so why did they fail to utilize a craveable chocolate in this case?

Score: 2

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Red Vines: Cherry Vines

As a life-long ardent fan of Red Vines (read article of love here), I'm so ashamed that I've never bothered to question the identity of their flavor. They are simply and beautifully red flavor. So when I picked up this box of Cherry Vines, I was floored by the fact that I have no idea whether Red Vines are strawberry or raspberry or fruit punch flavor. What are they? Besides perfection, that is. Cherry Vines are delicious but not nearly as good as the original. The cherry flavor is good, but doesn't present anything new. I certainly wouldn't choose to eat them over the classics. They still beat Twizzlers by a long shot.

Score: 4

Monday, January 16, 2012

Update: Milk Coffee Kit Kats

Within hours of asking for help identifying a mystery Kit Kat flavor (read here), two readers, Rodzilla and Chris, both answered my query! (Big thanks, readers!) Apparently the flavor is Milk Coffee, which I never would have guessed. Years ago my friend Matt purchased a case of the American release of Coffee Kit Kats (and unfortunately I consumed about half of that case) and they tasted so distinctively of coffee. I guess the Milk element of these Milk Coffee bars is the primary flavor with a more subtle Coffee undertone. As I said, they're good and I consumed them in seconds, but it's not an obvious connection to the flavor they're striving for. The Royal Milk Tea Kit Kats (read review here) were also heavy on the Milk flavor, but the underlying Tea flavor was a bit more distinctive than the Coffee.

Mystery Kit Kat Flavor: Help, Please!

I would be very grateful if an astute reader could identify the flavor of this mysterious Kit Kat bar for me. I just ate the whole thing and remained perplexed even after. It's a white chocolate base with a light underlying floral tea flavor, but I can't identify the floral notes. Jasmine? This mystery is driving me wild!

Score: 3

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Myriad Flavor Surprises in a Kit Kat

Baked Potato flavor Kit Kat? Grilled Corn flavor Kit Kat? Camembert Cheese flavor Kit Kat?!? Japanese Kit Kats are consistently released in the most bizarre variety of flavors. Not always delicious but always exciting and intriguing. I love that they push the envelop. If you'd like to read more recent releases, head to Weird Asia News Blog for some surprises.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grab Your Twinkies Now! Hostess Filing for Bankruptcy.

photo courtesy of overthehedge blog

Grab your Twinkies while you can! Hostess has filed for bankruptcy and the future of indestructible baked goods (including Twinkies, Ho-Ho's, Ding Dongs, and Sno Balls) is in question. Read the article in today's Wall Street Journal to learn more (click here). 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Savannah Smiles Added to the Girl Scout Cookie 2012 Lineup

photo courtesy, Girl Scouts of the USA

Hoorah!! Today the Washington Post Lifestyle Blog reports major news: a new Girl Scout Cookie added to this year's selection. Savannah Smiles are lemon cookies named after the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low. I can't say that they seem as enticing as a Thin Mint or a Samoa, but the whole line is so tasty, these may offer a lovely lemony surprise! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marzipan at the Fortunato Brothers Pastry Shop, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you're ever wandering around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, take a detour to the Fortunato Brothers Bakery and Pastry Shop over on Manhattan Avenue. Visiting has become a favorite personal past-time and I am trying to (slowly) make my way through all of their offerings. The pastries are light, fluffy, heavy on the creme-filling, and fresh, the hot cocoa is perfection, the environment is warm and welcoming. You really can't find a better pastry shop in all five boroughs. That said, the main event at the Fortunato Bros., in my opinion, is their selection of marzipan creations. They're some of the most beautifully made marzipan confections I've encountered anywhere, almost too pretty to eat. But delicious, too. And inexpensive, to boot!! Visit if you can!