Monday, December 12, 2011

Junior Mints Holiday Mix

Junior Mints are sublime in their original form. It's hard to make them even better. I really like this holiday mix idea from Junior Mints where they appear to be your standard Junior Mints and taste like your standard Junior Mints but if you bite them in half you are confronted by green, red, or white colored filling, like a hidden homage to the holiday! Honestly, who really eats a Junior Mint by biting it in half. [note: I have now been informed that plenty of people bite their Junior Mints in half- I think that's better left for a Peppermint Patty but to each their own]. You could go through an entire box without noticing. I like the subtlety. About half of each mini-box is comprised of the white-cream originals; the other half is about 50% red and 50% green. These are really hard to resist!

Score: 5

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