Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Round-up: Pumpkin Pie Fudge Lollipop from The Sweet Life, NYC

I visited The Sweet Life candy shop on the Lower East Side in NYC last week and was astounded by their vast selection of candies from around the world as well as their own home-made (and reasonably priced!) offerings. Their motto: "anything can be dipped in chocolate." Wise words, indeed. It's incredible how much they can pack in that little store! I'll be reviewing a few more of my purchases in upcoming posts, but wanted to slip in my recommendation for the shop's unique and decadent Pumpkin Pie Fudge Lollipop before the Halloween holiday passes us by. This fudge was the perfect texture. It's firm but instantly dissolves on the tongue. The flavor is unlike any other fudge I've sampled- it really tastes like pumpkin pie, with all of the spices and butter that goes into the ideal holiday treat. And let me assure you, the consistency of fudge works beautifully with the flavor of pumpkin pie. In fact, I'd choose this fudge over the real thing any day. You can consume the fudge in lollipop form or by the slab, but I believe that the lollipop offers the perfect two-bite size. If you find yourself on the Lower East Side, definitely check out this shop. Click here to check out their website.

Score: 5

Halloween Round-up: Lifesavers Gummies Spooky Shapes

Nothing new in the flavoring, but these holiday-edition Lifesavers Gummies come in fun, spooky shapes for Halloween. I'm not the biggest fan of Lifesavers Gummies in general- the fruit flavors just don't do it for my taste-buds- but if you're a fan, check them out in ghost, cat, and jack-o-lantern form.

Score: 3

12 (Startling) Halloween Candy Facts

photo courtesy savingwithshellie blog

Thanks to obsessivesweets reader, Mark, for alerting me to today's article on the Huffington Post, "Halloween Candy Facts: 12 Things You Might Not Have Known." What it boils down to is that Americans purchase and consume an enormous amount of candy this time of year, especially chocolate and candy corn. To examine the astounding numbers, link to the article here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Your Halloween Candy Says About You

photo courtesy of hannah kaminsky via caltech

A funny article from Gawker blog detailing how your choice of Halloween Candy reflects on here

Monday, October 24, 2011

Art as Cake: Cake as Art Part II

I've written about the wonderful array of Artist themed desserts served on the Rooftop Garden Cafe of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (click here to see previous entry). I love their inspired creations. And they keep creating new homages, each equally delightful. Below is a list of the current selections. All museums should follow suit!!

Mondrian Cake- based on 'Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow' 1930- Velvet cake, chocolate ganache

Thiebaud Layer Cake- based on 'Display Cakes' 1971- Butter cake, citrus curd, strawberry-rose geranium buttercream

Tony Cragg Ice Cream Cone- pumpkin 5-spice ice cream on malted milk chocolate ice cream on brown sugar cone wrapped in a custon come wrapper

Build your own Barnett Newman- based on 'Zim Zum' 1969- Chocolate sables, postcard with backdrop + instructions (chocolate ganache for assembly not included

Frida Kahlo Mexican Wedding Cookies- based on 'Frieda and Diego Rivera' 1931- Walnut/nocino shortbread in hand-printed box

Rosana Castrillo Diaz Panna Cotta- based on 'Untitled' 2009- Maple yogurt panna cotta, New Orleans coffee & creme fraiche panna cotta, St. Elizabeth allspice dram gelee with luster dust

John Zurier Popsicle- based on 'Arabella' 2005- Peppermint ice milk, strawberry

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Round-up: Lip Pops (Glow in the Dark) Lollipops

The concept is great- suck on a tasty lollipop while exuding creepiness with plastic fangs. Very Halloween, very Trick and Treat at the same time. However, this might be the most foul-tasting lollipop I've ever met: was it watermelon flavor or dentist's flouride flavor or alien ick flavor? I couldn't keep the fangs in place because of the endless flow of nasty taste. That said, these are a great idea for Halloween merriment, and I'm hoping they come in a variety of alternative flavors....

Score (fangs and merriment): 4
Score (taste): 1 (gruesome, perhaps appropriate for Halloween)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Round-up: York Peppermint Pattie Batty Candy

In honor of Halloween, you can purchase York Peppermint Patties in the shape of bats. There's nothing different about the flavor or coloring of the candy, but the bat shape feels festive and I've found myself at the store re-upping my stash multiple times. They're strangely more addictive when shaped like flying creatures of the night!

Score: 4

Halloween Round-up: Wonka Spooky Nerds

There's nothing new about the Orange and Punch-flavored Spooky Nerds except their (spooky!) orange and white Halloween color scheme. But they're so delicious and addictive and sparkling in flavor, I really don't mind.

Score: 4

M&M's World, Times Square

Gaze in wonder at the endless wall of m&m's at the M&M's World store in Times Square. Overall, the store freaks me out- sensory overload, always crowded, too many stuffed animals and other non-edible trinkets dedicated to the candy rather than the actual glorious, edible candy. I love this monumental wall, though. It's absolutely entrancing and worth a visit.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Round-up: Halloween Marshmallow Pickled Heads

The Halloween Marshmallow Pickled Heads (made for and distributed by Walmart), taste like bland vanilla marshmallows with a heavy sugary coating. They have a pretty unpleasantly dense consistency, too. That said, though, they're creative in appearance and constitute a fun Halloween treat to have on hand. I found myself not wanting to eat them, but also wanting to keep them around to position and stack like twisted marshmallow action figures.

Score (taste): 2
Score (fun-factor): 3

Halloween Round-up: Gummy Chicken Feet

There's a whole school of "gross-out" gummies out there that I think is a lot of fun. Humor in sugar form is a great combination. Although not specific created for the Halloween holiday, I believe that these gummy chicken feet would benefit any Halloween gathering. You could get craft, too- decorate cupcakes, freeze them in ice cubes, and on and on. They're good gummies, too. Extra chewy and a strong combination of lemon and cherry flavors. I love'em!

Score: 4

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Round-up: Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Monsters

It's the same old Hubba Bubba bubble tape- super soft bubble gum with strong but fleeting flavor- but with a mummy on top it's a lot of fun for Halloween! There's a whole series of monsters to collect!

Score: 3

Halloween Round-up: Palmer Body Parts in Double Crisp, Peanut Butter, and Fudge

I thought these Palmer Chocolate Body Parts were really fun for Halloween but didn't have high expectations for taste. These little creepy bonbons won me over bigtime, though- especially the peanut butter filled fang mouths. The peanut butter has a smoother and sweeter consistency than Reese's Peanut Butter cups (my ideal candy in the world), but I find the Palmer peanut butter mouths a really enticing mellow combination. Buy the whole bunch for the peanut butter variety alone. I bet they'd taste good frozen. The double crisp fingers and toes are tasty and light and the fudge filled eyeballs pack a little punch of dense sweet uber chocolate flavor. A wonderful surprise all around! Happy Halloween, Palmer! Keep the innovative treats coming!

Score 4

Halloween Round-up: Jet-Puffed GhostMallows

Speaking of Halloween-centric marshmallows, I like these little ghost-shaped vanilla-flavored marshmallows that Jet-Puffed has released for the holiday season. They're flavored just like the standard jet-puff marshmallow but these sweet ghost-like shapes and variety of colorings serves as inspiration for all kinds of crafty seasonal baking projects. Good for Jet-Puffed for releasing so many varieties!

Score (taste): 2
Score (craft potential): 4

Halloween Round-up: Peeps Ghosts

The flavor's the same, but I find these white Peeps ghosts to be the ideal embodiment of the Halloween holiday, the greatest candy season of all!

Score (taste): 3
Score (creative embodiment of Halloween season): 5

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wish List: M&M's White Chocolate Candy Corn

photo courtesy of candy blog

While reading Candy Blog just now, I stumbled across the newest addition to my wish list: m&m's White Chocolate Candy Corn for Halloween!! This look incredible! They're so pretty and well-themed for Halloween, and something entirely new from m&m's- white chocolate filling! I think it could work. And they could use this white chocolate center for any number of holiday permutations. Now I've just got to find some... If anyone has spied these for sale online or in the NYC area, let me know!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music Sweet As Candy: Method Man's Ode to Sour Patch Kids

Today's Jezebel blog posts Method Man's rap about Sour Patch Kids! Combining music and candy, the sweetest of sounds! Click here to watch the video.....