Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pierre's Chocolates, New Hope, Pennsylvania

I was recently introduced to Pierre's Chocolates of New Hope, Pennsylvania, or more specifically, a beautiful array of the Swiss chocolatier's dark chocolate truffles. The consistency and rich flavor of these truffles are outstanding and addictive. There is an incredible amount of flavor in each bite and the dense fillings melt instantly in one's mouth. So far I've sampled the dark chocolate, raspberry, and double chocolate (as if it were possible to have a richer chocolate than the original dark chocolate flavor- but it is!) fillings all to rave reviews. If only I had a key to guide me through the other flavors. I'm going to have to visit the shop to explore their array further. Thanks so much, Abe and Bernice!

Score: 5

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  1. I freaking LOVE this kind of candy. It makes me classy!