Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meiji Coffee Beat

Meiji's Coffeebeat "beans" are so delicious!! And unique! And I might be on a caffeine high from eating an entire tube of the treats, which is especially amazing because the candy contains no caffeine so it's a caffeine buzz by association! The delicate shells resemble those used for m&m's, but thinner. They add a nice crunch to the mix. Inside the "beans" is really melty milk chocolate infused by such a rich coffee flavor. The milk and coffee flavors overwhelm the chocolate in a really nice way that I haven't tasted in any other coffee/chocolate confection. I'd love to trt that coffee-infused chocolate in candy bar form. Try these if you can get your hands on them!

Score: 5


  1. What do I have to do to get my hands on those - marry you or something?

  2. Hi, I like it, too, but in here Japan , coffee beat is treated as a choc snack for kids. Kids tend to pick it up for their school picnic. (^^)