Friday, August 5, 2011

Meiji Black Chocolate

First off, the packaging of this Meiji Black is so elegant and innovative. The lid slides off the box of mini individually wrapped chocolates and allows for good ongoing storage (if you're able to keep yourself to merely a few of these treats rather than the entire pack). The chocolate tastes especially fresh, and maybe that's because it was brought to me straight from the source in Japan. But having taste-tested other Meiji chocolate products before, I think their line of chocolates all taste really fresh. With a name like Meiji Black, I expected this to be potent dark chocolate, but it's actually pretty sweet and far more melty than your average dark bar. It somewhat reminded me of Hershey's Special Dark with that identifiable sweet undertone, but this chocolate smacks of higher quality. I definitely liked it, and although there weren't too many left to store in their special pack, I made sure to keep a few aside for a special occassion. Thanks, Abe!

Score: 4