Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To: Wearable Caramel Jewelry

image courtesy of chirsp & allen

Today's xojane blog explores how to make delicious wearable necklaces from caramel...who can resist?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jelly Belly Gourmet Soda: Green Apple, Blueberry, and Very Cherry

Jelly Belly is obviously branching out from the original jelly bean form, as evidenced by their line of air fresheners, candles, and now soda. Don't expect something that actually tastes like the fruits named on the labels. But if you find the notion of liquified Jolly Ranchers appealing, try these out! They're strong, they're sweet, and they're aesthetically pleasing. They just make Coca Cola look like a sugar-free treat in comparison. Get ready!

Score: 3

Fujiya Look Strawberry Mousse Chocolate Bonbons: Anniversary Edition

Strawberry creme anything usually hosts that artificial flavor that's pretty off-putting. The Fujiya Look strawberry mousse bonbons, however, taste delightfully fruity and the creme-filled center is light as air with bits of strawberry suspended throughout. The chocolate is rich and melty and the entire combination is a surprising treat, perfect for summer.

Score: 4

Klik-Half Halva Truffles

I love the idea of halva truffles and am somewhat surprised I haven't run into them before. The combination could be delicious. These Klik-Half Truffles, though, boast waxy chocolate and halva in creme form instead of that pleasing halva consistency. Disappointing, but I'm now on the lookout for candy variations of halva.