Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Colombina Dandy Candy

My friend, Zach, went traveling through Colombia and brought me back a pack of these colorful little chocolate Dandies that resemble m&m's. Dandy chocolate morsels are made by a large Colombian candy, coffee, and snack maker, Colombina Candy. Actually, they remind me of the British version of m&m's, Smarties, because their brightly colored shells actually taste vaguely fruity- not overtly, just a little tinge of fruit flavor that remains the same across the rainbow of colors. The chocolate is a little milkier than m&m's but not as instantly melty. In the hierarchy of colorful chocolate pellets, m&m's remain my favorites and Smarties and Dandies tie for second. I wouldn't say no to any of them, though. Delicious!

Score: 3

1 comment:

  1. Smarties are the best! Everything british has more quality than something american! :-) (obviously!)