Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trolli Gummi Burger (Big and Mini)

They taste pretty gnarly but ooze charisma and whim. Each layer of the gummi burger does evoke its own (icky) flavor and texture (the "bun" and "cheese" are more spongy than the "burger" or "lettuce"). Despite nasty flavors, I think these gummy burgers are terrifically inventive and fun.

Taste Score: 1
Aesthetic Score: 4


  1. Where did you find these?

  2. Unfortunately, their source is a mystery to me, as well, because a friend gave them to me as a gift! I'll post if I happen to see them for sale!

    1. It's like they can only be sold as gifts, I had two one time, they were from my uncle.

  3. Dear Obsessive Sweets: My dog is wild about Burger King burgers -- just the patty. What do you think would happen if he stumbled on one of THESE?

  4. I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THE BIG BURGER for YEARS!! where is it from?

  5. well at the moment its in my mouth! muhahaha, but, i bought it in a nightshop in Antwerp, Bi Ba Bo Belgium .. jummie