Friday, April 22, 2011

Kinder Eggs Banned in U.S.!

Apparently it's old news that I missed that Kinder Eggs have been banned in the United States because of their terrible danger to young children (read the CNN report here). I might have noticed the ban if the wonderful hollow milk and white chocolate eggs that come with a little toy packed inside had disappeared from my neighborhood stores, but it seems that the stores in my neighborhood didn't get the memo, either, because I see the things everywhere. Apparently with the Easter Season upon us. Honestly, I understand that a small child should not be tempted to shove a large chocolate egg with a plastic toy inside into his or her mouth, but really, aren't there far more insidious dangers out there on the market? And do all Americans have to relinquish their addiction to the Kinderjoy because some parent somewhere didn't monitor their child's careless consumption of the classic treat? I'm aghast. Bring back the Kinder delights! In the meantime, I'm buying up every Kinder Egg I can find! And for other New Yorkers who need to stock up, check out this list compiled by DNAinfo of local stores that still carry the toy-filled sweets).

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  1. I have never seen a Kinderegg in my life. Must have never made it down to Oklahoma.