Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look To The Cookie!

I want to like Black and White Cookies as they're really the unofficial cookie of NYC and I've got a lot of city pride. After trying many (vast understatement), though, I've never met one that I really enjoyed. They tend to be very dry and crumbly. Or they tend to have that really tough old frosting that acts more as a adhesive than as a flavor element- all sugar and glue and none of the real vanilla and chocolate fun. Yesterday, however, I found the perfect black and white cookie thanks to my friend Dan. He brought me one from the old-school upper east side bakery William Greenberg Desserts, which I pass every day on the way to and from work, and press my nose up against the window gazing at the treats within, but have never actually entered. Well, from now on I'm going in! This black and white cookie was downright cakey, the light dough and butter flavor were sublime. And the frosting, oh that frosting was miraculous in comparison with the others I've sampled. Really rich smooth chocolate that melts instantly in one's mouth. Flavorfull vanilla that almost melts on its way to one's mouth. They blended perfectly and I found myself in love at last with the new york classic. (ps- you can also order the black and white cookie in a large variety of colors and combinations at William Greenberg- pretty!)


  1. Hi, I am totally new to NY black and white cookie, for living in Japan.I just wondering you call it cookie,but is there any need to be spongy texture?
    The icing sounds so good.^_^

  2. It is more of a cakey texture, but because of the cookie shape, is called a cookie. Usually it's so big, though, it's more like a mini-cake anyway! You must try many throughout the city, starting with the ones from William Greenberg!