Friday, February 4, 2011

La Corona Huevitos

La Corona Chocolates and Cocoa produces Huevitos, candy coated chocolate flavor eggs. Though I hear they're a popular Mexican sweet, I found the taste to be exceedingly unappealing. The chocolate "flavor" inside the candy shell barely tastes like chocolate and has a strange licorice-y undertone. The consistency of the chocolate flavor filling is something like a whipped caramel. I like the chewy consistency of these little eggs, a lot like aerated Sugar Babies. But the off-putting artificial chocolate flavor along with the flavorless shell equals a thumbs down from me.

Score: 1


  1. Oh jeeze, and that bag is 500 grams! What are you going to do with the rest?

  2. Well you should know that those chocolats are for kids, they are not supposed to be gourmet or anything, i´m mexican and i used to like them as a little girl, especially because they are pretty and good for playing, but if you taste them as an adult probably anybody will find them exceedingly unappealing, as you said.
    Just one question: Do you like nowadays all the candies you used to loved as a little boy?
    Probably not, i know i don´t